Secuquick (AMC Pressure Cooker)

High quality AMC (AMC Pressure Cooker) product with which you can make an AMC unit into a rapid cooking unit with a twist of the wrist. Thanks to the Secuquick softline and the AMC Multicooking System, you can now make your meals healthier, tastier, quicker and easier.


The Secuquick softline is not suitable for frying with a lot of oil or for use in the oven
or microwave as they could destroy the safety devices.
Please do not make any alterations to your Secuquick softline. Do not take it apart
further than is necessary for cleaning. This is described clearly and in detail in chapter 6
“Cleaning and caring for your Secuquick softline”.
Never try to open the Secuquick softline by force. Only when the rotating knob can be
turned easily in a clockwise direction to the “open” position is the unit free of pressure
and can be opened.
Apple mousse and compotes must not be prepared on the Secuquick softline. Bubbles
of steam trapped in these dishes can spray out when the unit is opened and could
burn you.
When juicing fruit, stewing or preparing the following dishes, you must not release the
pressure using the yellow release button. Otherwise there is a danger you could be
burnt and the valves could get too dirty.
• soups
• stews
• compact meat and fish dishes, such as tongue, squid
• fatty broths
• rice pudding
• pulses, such as lentils
• grain products such as oats and pearl barley
• pasta, such as spaghetti and macaroni