AMC cookware saves you money on your grocery and electricity bills. As a result of waterless and fat-free cooking methods being used in the units, less butter, oil and even electricity is used. It is possible to fry meat without butter and oil further resulting in less shrinkage of meat.

1We offer a lifetime guarantee on all our cookware units. A two year guarantee is offered on lid knobs, handles and other plastic parts.

2The gentle cooking process limits the loss of nutrients and the lower amounts of fat and oil necessary means that your meals will be much healthier. We live by our creed "Eat better - Live better".

3AMC cookware is the only cookware you will ever need. It is a unique multi-cooking system that allows you to cook, stir-fry, grill, poach, roast, bake, grate and serve in the same units. AMC cookware makes cooking easier and practical.

4Our cookware is made from surgical stainless steel and is therefore easy to clean, saving precious time in the kitchen.

5 AMC cookware is an investment. You save money every time you use the cookware and in addition the value of your cookware appreciates over the years.

6 The beautiful classic design of our cookware will bring pride to any home.